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Lise Gottlieb

CEO of Biz Boost Group

Copenhagen, Denmark

Jenifer Gerae

Entrepurnial Philanthropist

Florida, USA

Kim Toun-Menella

Business Breakthrough Specialist

Boston, MA, USA

Shelley Esler*

Medical Intuitive, Prosperity Coach, Quantum Healer

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Rize McGill

Education Advocate/Author

Philadelphia, USA

Kendal Ludden  

Accountant/Tax Strategist

New York City, USA

Janette Levey Frisch 

Attorney/Legal Wellness Professional

New Jersey, USA

Jackie Lue Raia  

Director of the Association for Multicultural Affairs in Transplantation, AMAT

New Jersey, USA

John Festa, PA-C 

Founder of Excell Education Enterprises, LLC

New Jersey, USA

Jessica Diabiance

Litigation Attorney

New Jersey, USA